Remember when being bored was okay?
When a stick and a pebble could make your day.
When a fart or a burp from a visiting relative,
Would keep you laughing and your imagination active.
Remember when the wall was a canvas,
For your imagination to play.
Warriors, Ninjas, Samurais and Princesses;
Were all there to stay!
Remember when the days stretched ahead long and relentless,
But you lived life simple and pretence-less.
When Instagram and Netflix were still inside minds;
And story books held firm grip on your time.
Remember when timepass was a story so oft recycled,
And not calendars, meetings and corporate sprint cycles.
Remember when your parents could solve boredom with a drive?
An ice cream, a toy, a movie, a smile?
Remember when hobbies were things you actually did?
And not selfies to make follower counts big.
Remember when staying entertained was not a full time job?
When freedom was its own reward.
If you don’t relate to anything I am saying,
Well, then you’re new and you’re fresh so ignore me and keep on playing.


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Pranav Mathur

I work for other people in the day and on myself in the night. Wait… that sounds wrong.